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For decades, Israel has been producing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMD). These developments have been taking place in Israel outside of any democractic process. Those at the head of this project have used despotic methods to deceive the public and conceal information by means of intimidation, censorship, concealment, bans, threats, arrests, prosecution and lies. None of these procedures have been carried out according to democratic principles, yet these criminal acts of intimidation and suppression proceed from the regime itself. Such repression stand in direct opposition to the liberal values which Israeli society upholds.

Israel’s role in the field of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons is openly discussed both in the West and in neighboring countries, in the media, in academic circles and in the Intelligence community. Only in Israel is the public kept in complete darkness. Various sectors cooperate in this deception, from the academic world to law-makers, from the justice system to the media. These Israelis support the idea of WMDs but are afraid that open discussion runs the risk that the public may reach a different conclusion to the imperatives that drive the policies in question.

We are a group of Israeli journalists, writers, philosophers and activists who oppose WMD and have decided to put an end to this silence and deception. For years, we were barred from writing about this topic in the mainstream media, first by editors who in a conspiracy of silence shook hands with the authorities behind the backs of the Israeli public to block open discussion. They were joined by the military censor, and the courts.

The internet has allowed us to challenge this veil of secrecy. This website includes information in Hebrew which is based solely on information already been published in English and Hebrew in countless sources: websites, academic articles, books and TV shows. Using a website host that is out of the reach of the long arm of Israeli censorship, we intend to bring to Israelis a democratic discussion that has been denied them for nearly 60 years. We are not involved in espionage. All the information published here is already available to international Intelligence agencies throughout the world. Our duty as journalists is to publish any information we have on this important issue.

National security is no less important for us than it is for those who spend their lives concealing information. We ask that people read the information on this website and decide for themselves whether they support the development of WMDs. Supporting a policy without information about its implementation or the price to be paid cannot be considered a free democratic decision. We cannot persist in the attitude that “those who need to know already know” – this is a notion that has proven catastrophic time and again.

We are opposed, on moral grounds, to all WMDs. Such weapons are developed for use against citizens, and their sole function is to kill and maim hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people. These weapons have the capability to annihilate humankind and destroy all life on earth. We support a ban on the development, production and storage of all WMDs.

We invite those who produce WMDs and support their use to persuade Israeli citizens of their validity through an open discussion of Israel’s policy and involvement in this field.

Democratic regimes are characterized by the absence of censorship, except in states of emergency. In Israel, however, military censorship operates continuously, not only in times of war. This powerful body attempts to control all forms of media, including modern communications technologies. The roots of military censorship in Israel date to the Defence Emergency Regulations of 1945, implemented by the British government during the Mandate period. The censor derives authority directly from the law, and therefore has vast discretion over its application.

This archaic, anachronistic and un-democratic arrangement, which has no equivalent in any other democratic country, has led to the almost complete silence in Israel about the development, production and storage of all WMD.

The information on this website has not been screened by the military censor. Our experiences with the military censor have led us to the decision not to submit any material to this body. However, all the information provided here has already been published in countless places, and nothing contained in this site can harm national security, that is unless the enemy is the Israeli public. We have merely translated material from hundreds of article written in English, and we present them in Hebrew to the Israeli public.

In spite of our efforts to use reliable sources, the information may contain errors, as various parties around the world and inside Israel are engaged in spreading disinformation. If you find a mistake please write to us and we will correct it.

We do not keep any record of visitors to the website, and the log file is deleted once a day. Contributors and visitors to this site can thus be assured that details of their identity will not be available to anyone.

We extend our thanks to the UK-based CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), for their generous donation.

We are grateful as well to enzyme.org.nz, which hosts the site in New Zealand, and which is known for its anti-nuclear policy. We trust the authorities will not close a website calling for open dialogue on this topic, and will not collaborate with any attempt on the part of the Israeli authorities to shut it down. This debate cannot be suppressed any longer.



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